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Married a robot haha

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Had an excuse to draw a stork at work today.

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The Legend of Zelda Characters [2/?] + TV Tropes » Princess Zelda

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I love it/hate it when something dumb and easy to catch as a typo throws off the whole tone of whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

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We’re incredibly excited and proud to announce our first monthly comic series, Capture Creatures, with our buddies at Boom Studios! Feels good to be making comics again! More on the story at Comics Alliance, with amazing variant covers by Joy Ang, Amanda Visell and Missy Pena!

The hardcover book collecting the portraits of the 151 creatures featured in this series is available now from B9 & TopatoCo!


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Good news, dudes. We were cleaning out the house today and found a handful of copies of the books I forgot to give away. Want one? Just reblog this post. We’ll select three winners and then mail you a copy. Thanks. You’re awesome and perfect. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Of course if you want to just go ahead and buy one then that’s fine too. Thanks. 

Rap Coloring Book on Twitter

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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GIANT NERD ALERT but here’s my picks:



Chorus Men

Chibi Robo


This is adorable.

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The arm folding intros for the World Cup always keep me entertained. Enjoy the best one, and some of the worst ones. 

"How does I fold arms?"

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Here’s a supercut of every time Bob says “Oh my god.”

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i dont get offended at white people jokes even though im white because: 

  1. i can recognize white people as a whole have systemically oppressed POC in america, which is where i live 
  2. most people when they make white people jokes only mean the shitty white people and i am not a shitty white person 
  3. im not a pissbaby

my white friends that have reblogged this give me life

4. Sometimes I am a shitty white person and the jokes remind me to FUCKIN STOP

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I don’t know why my default when I get a chance to do typography is to try to figure out a Belafonte Brewing Co. logo. It just is. It’s my white whale, I think.